In 1967, Joseph PARDO z’l, founder of the A.T.I.S. community, achieved a challenging goal: the building of a Mikvah in Nice. This process was carried out under the supervision of great DAYAN Rav Avrohom HOROWITZ zts’l from Strasburg and Jerusalem, Rav Dovid FRAND from London and Rav Moché MERGUI from Nice.

This Mikvah became a place of regional importance. Its influence extended all the way to Marseilles. People did not hesitate to travel to benefit from this newly created Mikvah that complied to all of the rituals.

Mrs. Renée SEBAG and Mrs. Ruth PARDO z’l played a great role in helping to make the Mikvah a friendly environment through their warm and caring devotion to the women of the community.



After forty years of use, there was no choice but to accept that the system had undergone the ravages of time. The device used to collect rainwater showed particular signs of overuse and something needed to be done.

Rav Eliyahou MERGUI took the initiative to close and renovate the Mikvah. The project was entrusted to interior designer, Rodolphe DOUILLET.

Rav Nachum ROSENBERG, a world expert on Mikvahs, was chosen to oversee the project and followed the renovation closely. He voluntarily travelled several times from the USA, and was always available when needed during the key moments of the Mikvah renovation.

DAYAN Rav Shmouel Akiva Yoffe SCHLESINGER from Strasburg and Rav Moché MERGUI from Nice gave their official approval and verified the process of collecting and supplying rainwater.

A.T.I.S. President Alain PARDO did everything in his power to ensure the success of the project. Without the generous financial contribution of Mr and Mrs. Rachamim COHEN and his children, the Mikvah would not have been able to be renovated. It was an ambitious project for the community as a whole. This reflects the importance given by our Sages to the building of a Mikvah, which is even more important than building a synagogue or a school.

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